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The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition helps elevate care and increase rates of reimbursement. Our trainings ensure everyone on your team is using The ASAM Criteria consistently to enable effective—and lasting—organizational implementation.

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Transform Patient Care Outcomes with Implementable Science

Training for Clinicians by Clinicians

Owning either a print or digital version of The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition is highly recommended for training.

As the sole publisher of The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition—both print and digital—and an ASAM Designated Training Organization, Hazelden Betty Ford is a vital resource for your organization. Our expert trainers are immersed in the Fourth Edition updates and are prepared to help your team consistently use and apply The ASAM Criteria for the development of effective Level of Care and Treatment Planning Assessments.

Two-Day Virtual Skill-Building Training: Understanding The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition and Its Clinical Application

· 12 CEs and CMEs available for multiple boards

· Cost is $495 per person


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The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition presents a practical framework for providing patient-centered assessment and treatment planning services to individuals with addictive, substance-related, and co-occurring conditions.


During this training developed for clinical professionals, participants will review core concepts of The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition, including the updated continuum of care, revised dimensions and new subdimensions, Risk Ratings, and the level of care determination rules.

Much of the training time will be spent practicing the application of these updated ASAM core components using diverse, ASAM-approved case scenarios.

Topics include:

  • Assessing the need for addiction medications
  • Addressing biomedical concerns
  • Co-occurring conditions and co-occurring enhanced care
  • Diverse population considerations
  • Person-centered considerations
  • Integration of harm reduction practices


  1. Define foundational principles and key components of The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition.
  2. Identify the treatment levels that make up the Fourth Edition’s continuum of care and explain how integrated care is incorporated within the different levels of care.
  3. Enhance clinical skills by instilling a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition, including updated assessment standards, dimensions, subdimensions, Risk Ratings, continuum of care, and Dimensional Admission Criteria. 
  4. Explore how to implement and operationalize The ASAM Criteria in clinical practice with real world scenarios to give learners an opportunity to apply The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition assessment standards, Risk Ratings, and decision rules to develop level of care recommendations using diverse patient case studies. 
  5. Identify readily accessible digital and print tools to inform Level of Care Assessment application through the content, functionality, and capabilities of the redesigned The ASAM Criteria.

CEs/CMEs available for Psychologists, Counselors, Mental Health and Family Therapy Professionals, Social Workers, Nurses, and Medical Professionals. Please check with your board to confirm credits.

For further details, visit our ASAM training information page.

Questions, ADA requests, or grievances, please contact Addison Jones, customer implementation manager, Customer Solutions Delivery and Success, by email at or phone 651-213-4655.

Used with permission from The ASAM Criteria: Treatment Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related, and Co-occurring Conditions, American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). All Rights Reserved. Unless authorized in writing by ASAM, no part may be reproduced or used in a manner inconsistent with ASAM’s copyright. This prohibition applies to unauthorized uses or reproductions in any form.

Upcoming Dates

Owning either a print or a digital version of The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition is highly recommended for training.



July 23-24 FULL

August 20-21 FULL

September 24-25 FULL

October 15-16

November 13-14

December 10-11

You will be able to select a date when you purchase.

Check back regularly as new training dates will be added throughout the year.

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ASAM Criteria Training with Systems Implementation is provided by industry experts in assessing, training, and preparing organizations and their professionals for certification as they implement clinical and operational changes outlined in the Fourth Edition. Hazelden Betty Ford tailors ASAM Criteria Training with Systems Implementation for each organization to guide clients successfully and consistently toward confidence, competence, and compliance with the ASAM level of care process.

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